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Our team

Hubert Trinkunas


As the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wishu, Hubert spearheads content strategy and strategic partnerships. With over six years of profound experience in marketing and advertising, Hubert is committed to empowering creators, navigating the transition from web2 to web3, and unlocking lucrative monetization prospects. His unwavering passion for forging connections is driven by valuable feedback from creators. Hubert remains dedicated to fostering opportunities and delivering essential resources to catalyze business growth.

James Xu-Johnson


Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Wishu Media, and MD of Wishu Labs, James shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the seamless and efficient operation and development of our platform and client projects. With a robust background in product and software engineering, he has led the charge in successful app development at Wishu Media & Wishu Labs, Travel + Leisure, University of Kent, and various Web3 Products. He is resolutely committed to steering high-budget product teams and crafting exceptional software solutions that tackle real-world challenges.

Lavena Xu-Johnson


Lavena, Co-founder of Wishu, is a passionate advocate for mental well-being, creativity, and entrepreneurship. She has cultivated a thriving community through Wishu Media, and in Wishu Labs she leads the development of Web2 and Web3 projects. Lavena’s achievements include recognition in the Mayor of London’s Business Growth Programme, Virgin Startup Accelerator participation, and wins in The Pitch Final and The Business Elite Award. She also explores psychology and neuroscience’s intersection with entrepreneurship and the workplace in her newsletter, “The Insane Founder.”

Anndy Lian

Guest Writer @Web3 Creator

Anndy Lian, a renowned business strategist and accomplished author, is a prominent figure in Asia’s blockchain landscape. With extensive experience in advisory roles for local and international firms, government organizations, and listed companies, Anndy is a serial entrepreneur, investor, board member, and sought-after keynote speaker. He currently is head of Partnerships at Bybit, and has served as Chief Digital Advisor at the Mongolia Productivity Organization. He chaired BigONE Exchange, a globally recognized crypto spot exchange, and advised Hyundai DAC focusing on governance and compliance.

Rosa Cecilia

Managing Editor

Rosa Cecilia, an accomplished music industry professional, offers expert guidance to musicians and music brands, helping them navigate industry transformations and optimize their earnings. With a focus on leveraging NFTs for music monetization and fostering communities, Rosa’s insights are invaluable. As a musician with over 30k monthly Spotify listeners, she brings a distinct perspective to her consulting practice and commands deep respect within the industry.

Sam Johnson

Lead Designer

Sam is an innovative and disciplined Lead Graphic Designer. Proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, and After Effects), Sam also boasts expertise in Photography, Film, Illustration, Motion Graphics, 3D Programs (Cinema 4D, Blender), Animation, and Music, making him a versatile creative professional poised for success in diverse projects and tasks.

Nikita Verma

Social Media Manager

Nikita is a seasoned freelance Web3 Writer, Content Strategist, and expert in crafting technical and thought-leadership articles. She specializes in topics related to web3, copy writing, linkedIn growth, and content strategy. With a mission to help individuals and businesses strengthen their online presence, Nikita excels at converting ideas into compelling written content that resonates with audiences.

Khalil H. Elmosrati


Khalil is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of expertise in trade, business acquisition, and strategic partnerships. As the former owner of Spymaster and currently serving as an advisor to Wishu Media, Khalil brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Throughout his career, Khalil has demonstrated a knack for identifying opportunities, fostering growth, and establishing successful collaborations. His insights and strategic guidance have been invaluable in various business ventures.

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Our philosophy


We foster close collaborations with our advertising partners to craft and transform messages, ensuring they seamlessly integrate and resonate powerfully within our platform.


Each member of our team wholeheartedly values our purpose, mission, and the mutual success of our partners. We genuinely care about the individuals on the other side of the table.


We prioritize performance to ensure our collaborations yield meaningful outcomes.