Good Tape is a new biannual print magazine that is aiming to tell the untold stories within the podcast industry. Good Tape will feature a mix of journalism and cultural criticism about audio storytelling — with a focus on lesser-known creators and independent modes of production. The first issue is scheduled to be released this coming autumn.

It is interesting to see a publication utilise print and the written word to provide the hottest scope on the latest audial insights. 

“There aren’t many dedicated resources being provided to writers to cover the industry from a cultural perspective. So with this as the backdrop, after attending On Air Fest in LA last year, I felt the urge to explore a magazine concept and rather quickly came up with the name Good Tape — which I really love” CEO Dane Cardiel told The Verge.

The magazine has also spoken out on Vice’s recent bankruptcy acknowledging that the traditional publication business model has failed. Instead, Good Tape will feature stories about podcasting that aren’t just about the business side of things. What is it like to make a hit podcast or even one that fails? “Cultural histories that analyse influences and sounds, essays that say what everyone is too scared to, profiles of people who are doing things differently.”

Good Tape is almost a critique of podcasting which hasn’t happened before. “Readers are missing stories that profile the craft, artistry, and livelihoods of audio makers behind our favourite shows. We tend to pull focus on the A-list talent involved while disregarding the writers, editors, producers, engineers, and composers that make these projects sing. Podcasting has such a profound impact in people’s lives — and it’s not always positive. I’d love to give a platform to these stories we aren’t seeing represented in mainstream media.”

By only publishing twice a year, Good Tape becomes more than a new source; it’s a limited edition object to covet. 

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