9 Best Writing Tools Every Creative Freelancer Needs For Blogs

As creatives, we may assume that creative writing therefore comes naturally to us. Alas, we could not be more mistaken. Yes, sure, some of us may arrive to creative writing naturally but for others we may require some help when it comes to writing blogs on our work. No matter your writing skill level, here are a few tools to help you get along the creative writing process in a smooth and steady fashion. 

An actual notebook

Shocker. We prefer ones with envelopes attached where we can stock inspirational post-it notes and newspaper articles. Have a smaller one to bring on the bus or tube and larger one for the bedside where you can comfortably jot down your thoughts.


A digital version of a notebook or a desk covered with post-it notes, Evernote organises notes into notebooks. You cannot set up stacks of notebooks like you can with documents on your computer, but you can apply tags to every note which makes finding and sorting information in a variety of ways super easy. When you get an idea, find an image, come across a great piece of research, you can clip it and save it in an Evernote note.


Costing around £40 a year, Scrivener is a program designed specifically for writers. It also has a fairly steep learning curve because it has so many features that you can use. But, there are quite a few tutorials on YouTube, and if you want to write for the long haul, it’s worth it.


If you’ve been reading this list so far and still feel like there’s no hope then Reedsy is here to extend a helping hand. Reedsy is technically a marketplace, where you can find professionals ready to help you with your book (editors, publishing experts, etc).


Squibler promises the following; “Write & Publish Your Book in 30 Days. Store all your ideas without ever losing them, then filter by tags. Store all your chapters, scenes, and notes safely. Then, drag and drop them into the right place.” 


Improve your writing, including blog posts, by getting helpful advice based on what you have so far. ProWritingAid eliminates errors in grammar and syntax and receives suggestions on how to improve the overall structure. 

Duplicate Content Tool

If you have gotten the hang of your writing and are proud of it – as you should be, you might want to check the internet for potential copies of your work. ​ Have your articles checked for plagiarism using this handy tool to make sure your blog posts are not being copied without permission.


Writing multiple blogs can be overwhelming. Ulysses is a simple – but effective – dashboard that puts all of your writing projects in one place. It is clean, easy to use, and designed to keep you focused without distractions. 

Polish My Writing

This clever software catches spelling and grammar mistakes, gives tips on better word choices, catches word overuse, and offers advice on better formatting choices that could improve readability. Also, it is free. So you can get better at writing for no extra cost!

Content Row

Content Row is a Classic Report template that is suitable for displaying most types of content. This report features a column for selection such as a checkbox or radio button, an icon, title and description, miscellaneous attributes, and actions.

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