Creativity works in mysterious ways. As a photographer you may feel that although snapping gorgeous pictures comes naturally to you, you feel stuck when it comes to designing a website for your work. No need to worry, Wishu is here to help. Websites are crucial for photographers in terms of reaching out to new clients. You need to ensure it is easy to navigate and, of course, that all images showcased are yours. 

SEO & Website optimisation tips for creative freelancers photographers

Categorise photos by theme 

In order for the client to grapple an understanding of what you offer, organising categories by theme is a great way to set this impression. Depending on the kind of photographer you are, these themes may be broad or niche. For example your categories may entail; portrait, country landscape, city landscape, fashion shows. On the other hand you may specialise in portraits alone, in this case you could categorise by series, year, gender, setting or even the type of film that was used. 

Push the goal of your website to the forefront

If the goal of your website is to attract your clients, you could open it with a notification to sign up to your mailing list. If the goal is to attract more social media traffic – make a link to your platforms clear on the Home page. A website doesn’t function simply to exist and exhibit but can be used as a tool to lead on to other things.

Use the ‘About’ Page to demonstrate your personality 

Use your About page to talk a little about yourself and share some personal details. Try your best to weave your work and your interests together in one simple paragraph. 

Contact info 

Your contact information should be clearly laid out on one tab so that you’re easily accessible. Hyperlinking your socials, email and Linkedin is always a good idea. 

Plan Ahead

When it comes to the layout of your website, it’s great to plan before you start the editing and creating process. Create a moodboard inspired by photographer sites you admire. Think about which features you would like to include. 

Show off your best work

In this planning stage, collect your favourite work together and make a folder. Think about how it aesthetically pieces together and plan this out for your site and each of its pages. 

Update regularly

Embedding your Instagram feed onto your website is a great and effortless way to do this. In doing so, visitors will notice your new work as soon as its posted onto other platforms. 

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