7 tips for creating a stunning Graphic Design website

Graphic Designer Freelancer Website optimisation

SEO Website tips for graphic design freelanccers

Organised chaos

You want to showcase all the possible work you can. In order to do that, organise all your possible work in a way that’s easy to filter through but also a treat to the eyes and creative mind. A great way to do this is to categorise your work by colour or style. 

Show them your face and your flare

Naturally, potential clients and website visitors want to know the master behind the magic. Why do you design the way you do? What are your inspirations? You could even include both a photograph and illustration of yourself as a way to showcase your natural style and how it reflects your personality. Detail this in a concise paragraph on your about page – how long have you been designing, why did you start, how did you start, who did you start and grow with?

Be Creative about your Experience

Dedicating a page to commissioned work is a great idea. Maybe you can get creative with how you present it? Design a graph that leads the viewer from one impressive client to another perhaps. 

Push the goal of your website to the forefront


Update regularly

Embedding your Instagram feed onto your website is a great and effortless way to do this. In doing so, visitors will notice your new work as soon as it’s posted onto other platforms. 

Content is King

Images aren’t everything and knowing a thing or two about copywriting can be a major perk in your graphic designing career. 

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