It’s safe to say that interior space is often underrated – at least when it comes to spaces that aren’t your home. Instagram and Pinterest are jam-packed full of interior design inspo pics for your living room – but what about your studio?

Whether you use your studio to paint, record music, choreograph or design, having the right lighting, temperatures and level of comfort can make the world of a difference when it comes to your creative flow and productivity. 

Wishu helps you to optimize your workspace or studio for ultimate creativity.

X marks the spot

First things first we need to designate the space in which you’ll get creative. If you rent out a creative studio then fortunately you have a separate, designated space for creativity. If, however, your space is at home you’ll need to figure out where to get creative. For those who live in a small space such as a studio or one bedroom flat, it can feel hard for you to rest and work in the same place. If going to a favourite cafe or co-working space works, try that! If not, the following steps will be essential in helping you create a sense of separation in one place. 

Mood lighting

Many of the top music engineers have mood lighting in their studio as it helps the singers and other musicians perform better to the set mood of the song. This applies to all areas of art. If you’re an abstract artist, try primary colour gel lighting. Lava and sunset lamps are also great to create a golden hour effect and can be purchased online for around £20. Whatever you need to get in the right mood, it’s definitely worth investing in some mood lighting. 

Alone and together

Some of us work alone and others insist on a social space to get creative. We suggest giving both ago, even if it’s an 80/20 or even 90/10 split. It’s a good way to bring in some freshness and who knows, it may lead to future collaboration. 

Inspo, inspo, everywhere

Sometimes we can get so lost in the sauce that we forget why we even started? Why are all the sacrifices of stability and comfort worth it? To ground yourself in this reminder, set up inspiration sources everywhere. If you’re a makeup artist, put up a poster of your favourite magazine cover looks or/and invest in a Mary Greenwell book for the coffee table. Whatever it is to keep the inspiration flowing, get going! 

Comfort is key

Songwriting or graphic designing on a hard, plastic chair likely won’t get you in the creative zone – not to mention the back pain it can incur! Get a cushion happy and make the space comfortable. Comfort is also dependent on the environment. For example, if you live in a cold climate, candles and blankets may be appropriate. For those in the tropics, an electric fan and mosquito nets could create the ideal setting. 

It makes it easy to be green

Ah plants, the inspiration for many a modern meme. There’s a reason for their popularity particularly during a pandemic where time outdoors was limited. Surrounding yourself with life inspires you to grow, live and thrive.

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