7 freelancer statistics in the UK you should be aware of in 2021

7 freelancer statistics in the UK you should be aware of in 2021

by Wishu
20 May 2021
Since the 2020 pandemic not only boosted remote working but freelancing has been sharply on the rise. In this community news, we’ll be discussing the freelancer statistics in the UK (Statistics by Remi Reports).

1. Females Are Leading: Freelancer Statistics

With many women becoming mums and wanting to work flexibly alongside caring for their children, or younger women wanting to travel when they’re younger, the gender gap is much smaller in freelancing. According to IPSE, the UK freelancer workforce is made up 58% male and 42% female, compared to the solo self-employed population which is 64 percent male and 36 percent female.
1 in 7 freelancers is a mother (Ipse)

2. How many freelancers in the UK?: Freelancer Statistics

There are currently over 2 million freelancers in the UK. The majority of these UK freelancers have this as their main income source, whereas the rest tend to do it part-time.
Freelancers bring tremendous value to the UK – contributing approximately £275 billion to the British economy (according to the Office of National Statistics).

3. What Are The Most Popular Roles For Freelancers?

According to moneysupermarket, these are the most popular fields to freelance in:
Business Support (22%)
Design (20%) 
Writing and Translation (17%)
Sales and Marketing (13%)
Video, Photo and Audio (9%) 
Website Development (9%)
Software Development and Mobile (6%)
Social Media (4%) 

4. Where In The UK Is Popular To Freelance?

Moneysupermarket also noted that Manchester is a popular place to freelance, thanks to low property prices and plenty of WiFi spots.
Closely trailing behind Manchester in popularity are Brighton & Hove, Edinburgh, and Belfast.

5. Job Satisfaction?

61% of freelancers are happy with their career choice. Me definitely being one of them! I love the flexibility of freelancing and that it offers to make your passion your paycheque.
Those in the freelance industry hated commuting, the stress, and not being the boss at their traditional corporate jobs.

6. How many hours do freelancers average per week?: Freelancer Statistics

Freelancers in the UK average around 27 hours per week. This is by far less than all of Europe.


7. What Are The Breakdown of Freelance Ages?

According to Bidvine companies, this is the breakdown of age groups in freelancing:
3.1% are aged 18-24
8.5% are 25-34
13.4% are 35-49
13.7% are 50-64
4.0% are over 65
I hope these freelancer statistics from the UK have given you a better idea of the British freelance workforce in 2020.


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