40+ Best Gift Ideas for Creatives This Christmas 2021

After a bleak Christmas 2020 this year we’re hoping for an extravagant, maximalist Christmas with all the trimmings. Here is our ever-growing gift guide for creatives. 

Spanky Santa Christmas Tree Decoration

Naughty but nice

‘Can’t Be Arsed’ Notebook

We all love a bit of irony whether Scrooges or Christmas fairies. 

Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black By Naomi Parry

Stunning photos and heartbreaking stories.

‘You Got This’ Quote Cards

Perfect for a daily surge of self-belief

Membership to an arts cinema

Arts cinemas tend to showcase domestic and foriegn films both old and new. From classic Hollywood to Almodovar and Godard, frequent cinema attendance can be so visually inspiring. 



‘Stress Less’ Cards

Keep them next to the laptop to put anxiety to sleep

Fujifilm Polaroid in Charcoal Grey

Great for creating memorabilia and taking behind the scenes shots at shoots

Everyday Self-Care Book

The perfect bedside companion 

Quilted laptop sleeve in swirl print

Like a duvet but for your laptop

Neon Organics diffuser

They help keep your home office air clear, non-stuffy and smelling good

Pocket Book of Cocktails

We all need to wind down sometime…

A small Bluetooth speaker in a lovely colour for their desk

Blast those tunes and get your creative on!

Selfie ring light

For the TikToking creative in your life

An Aperol Spritz Christmas Decoration

We don’t know why this one even needs to be justified…

Retro Radio

So aesthetic, so fetch 

Create Space: Declutter Your Home to Clear Your Mind

A great book on how to make the most of your space.

Selfie Vanity Mirror

So this mirror looks like a studio backstage mirror with lights on it but it holds your phone. Calling all MUAs!

Handheld steamer

Trust me, your stylist friends will thank you!

Kodak Pocket Projector

Tiny in size huge in quality. Great for flicking through shoot photos and movie nights. 

Bluetooth and Vinyl Record Player

Best of both worlds. 

70s collage kit

Perfect for achieving an effortless gallery wall, this collage kit features unique artwork and vintage illustrations with retro themes. You can even layer your own images on top for a large collage space to infuse creative inspiration into your daily life. 

A vase made of recycled glass

Chic and sustainable

Karaoke Mic

Your singer friends – professional or shower singers – will be sure to enjoy and let themselves go. 

Vivienne Westwood Catwalk: The Complete Collections

Such a cute coffee table book not to mention a consistent source of visual inspo covering Westwood’s legacy.

Erotic Tarot Intimate Intuition, Illustrated by Sofie Birkin, Text by the Fickle Finger of Fate

For couples out there?

Jimi Hendrix: The Stories Behind The Songs By David Stubbs

For songwriters, getting to know the stories behind the hits can be so enlightening.

The Men’s Fashion Book

A collective A-Z of the biggest names in mens fashion.

Dazed: 30 Years Confused: The Covers

The only moodboard we needed

Truth Bomb: Inspiration From The Mouths And Minds Of Women Artists By Abigail Crompton

The cute meets edgy pink cover is only the beginning of this aesthetic and enlightening journey

The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art And Fashion By Antwaun Sargent

Focuses on inclusion and the lack of within the creation of the commercial black image.

Facial Sauna and Inhaler

For the singers in your social circle. 

Laptop Stand

Bye bye neck ache in 2022!

Vivienne Westwood Debbie AirPods Case

Yeah it’s extra af but we love it

The New Beauty A Modern Look At Beauty, Culture And Fashion By Kari Gestalten And Molvar

If any book shows that makeup artistry should abide by no rules, it’s this one.

DJ Decks

You can’t have too many creative skills so why not encourage someone to pursue a new one this new year?

Little Book of Gucci

Father, Son and House of Gucci…

A new set of pastels

Is there anything so satisfying as a new set of pastel colours? 

An online course for freelancer

We have many links to many a course available in our other blogs. Have a browse

6 Month Subscription to a Food Box Service

From Hello Fresh to Gusto, there are many options. Creatives tend to be on the go and ever know what their weekly schedule will look like. Food boxes can make grocery shopping and healthy eating that much easier. 

Bath bomb

Late night shoots and studio sessions can take their toll. Help your creative friend maximise on their sleep. 

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