4 recommended tips on how to win over a client

4 tips on how to win clients over

After speaking to hundreds of freelancers and buyers, we’ve pinpointed four tips and tools on how to win clients over. This applies to freelancing in general, and not just on Wishu app!

Tip 1: Always work on your portfolio:


Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or a photographer, creating and constantly working on your portfolio is a sure way to get a potential clients attention. Showcase your killer work to demonstrate your signature style and establish a standard of quality for your work.


Be proud of your achievements and highlight it. Most artists incorporate publications, awards, or features in their profiles, yet forget to mention them in their pitch for a project. Pinpointing credibility in your work pushes the client to favour your work over others, as they know you’ll deliver quality.


Tip 2: Network and stand out: 


The word ‘networking’ tends to conjure up images of long and boring corporate events that don’t amount to anything. And while this is sometimes the case, networking is a lot more than simply handing your business card/portfolio out and hoping for the best.


Networking can help you explore and find new projects, find potential collaborators and grow as a creative professional. Especially in big cities such as London, it’s beneficial to have a wide circle of connections to find recommendations for different projects. 


Referrals for projects is a common practice within freelancer communities! This tends to happen most when freelancers are limited in time or can’t take up any other projects, and so they refer others they know that can achieve the clients expectations. If you go out of your way to network and make great connections, you have a chance of being referred by your fellow freelancer. This is the key takeaway; that the freelancing community does not need to be strictly competitive, it is, more often than not, compassionate and friendly, so act on it!

Tip 3: Get out of the comfort zone and reach out to existing connections: 


“Oh… I’d rather not bother them.”

“He seems like a pretty busy person.”

“She’ll probably won’t reply, is it even worth bothering?”


Freelancers tend to forget that they are entrepreneurs and that freelancing is their business. Yes, you’re running a business as a sole individual, and in that business, you have the obligation to succeed! To keep your business intact and moving, you’ll sometimes need to get far out of your comfort zone and frequently reach out to past connections. Don’t be afraid to ask whether they need any work done for them or if they know of anyone that would. This may bring many opportunities and while it may not be the most comfortable approach, it does work and generally people are happy to help or refer you to others.


Even if they don’t have an answer for you immediately, when they come across someone or a time when they need – let’s say, a graphic designer, you’ll be the first one to jump to their mind. 


Another great way to keep your clients in contact is by reaching out to them with updates. For instance, you’re working with Nike for their new project as a Graphic Designer – this sort of update is interesting and you will be remembered for your noteable career progressions. As vague as that might sound, it works pretty well in the business world to establish a stronger footing in your field. 


Tip 4: Get good at communicating:


This is probably the most important tip of all; how you get them to come back.


Communication skills are a good trait to have for any person, but they’re essential for any freelancer who wants to maximise their effectiveness in the field. You can have amazing talent as a graphic designer, but if you’re not effective at communicating with clients, the design process can be frustrating for everyone involved. 


It could be that you already are a great communicator, but as freelancers and entrepreneurs we are constantly improving our techniques and our approaches to work.


It starts with listening to the clients needs and wants. Having a clear understanding of the clients business, situation, and expectations, will help you with in setting the scope of work. On Wishu, whether you are applying for a wish or just responding to an enquiry, your first message will matter, a lot. Reading the project requirements will help you structure that proposal message and make you look really professional.


Asking the right questions and using the right language is incredibly important. To understand the project clearly you’ll need to ask the right questions and make sure you and the client are on the same page before embarking onto the project. Please don’t use jargon or terms the client won’t understand! Making an effort to use language and wording that will be clear is key. 


Follow these four tips means you’ll have happy clients, and happy reviews. Happy hunting!


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