4 Questions You Can Use To Get Great Testimonials & Reviews

It can feel heartbreaking to do great work for a client and never hear anything back. Testimonials and reviews aren’t only validating but they also lead to more work because, as a freelancer, you are your brand so great feedback is crucial. 

Remember that feedback and a testimonial are separate. Where a testimonial is public and positive, feedback is private and constructive. The purpose of a testimonial is to share the highlights of what you’ve done together and explain what it’s like to work with you to other potential clients. The purpose of feedback is to help you continue to grow and improve as a creator or consultant.
Clients are busy and we can understand that unless prompted, writing a review for a finished project won’t always be the first thing on their mind. Here’s how to get your client to write you a great review.

Simply ask for the testimonial

Set them that reminder. As soon as your work is complete, or even a week after, email the client and tell them you’d like them to write a short testimonial and that you have a process that you appreciate using. Explain what the testimonial entails, for example is it five questions to answer or a template to fill out, if so what kind? This way they know what to prepare for.

Give them a template to fill out

Providing the client with a structure just makes the job easier on their part and therefore prompts them to fill out the information faster. Try not to exceed one page as this make the job seem tedious and time-consuming to the client. Providing the client with three to five questions to answer is the most effective way to receive a testimonial. Place keywords in the questions and ensure they are direct and therefore easy to answer. Some examples are;
– How would you explain our work or process to someone who is thinking of doing it?
– What did you appreciate most about working together?
– What would you say is (name)’s niche or speciality? How did it bring a USP to the project and when did you realise this moment?
– Who is this freelancer perfect for? Which type of client would benefit from their services?

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