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So the time has come… Your business is showing pick up, your confidence is improving and sales are starting to reflect this. Excellent! 

If now has come a time when you are ready to consider growing your business, then listen up, because it can be quite a challenge if you go into this blindly. In fact, one of the biggest pitfalls many entrepreneurs fall into is thinking that business growth is equivalent to success. And unless you want to ‘boom and bust’, you should really consider this as a scaling operation, rather than putting the onus on growth alone. 

You see the minute your business grows, so does the arduous list of tasks you have to complete to meet the rising demands of your consumer. It’s time to address the most laborious of tasks that can either be automated or supported with tools that heavily improves efficiency. Either that, or you guessed it…boom and bust!  

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Scaling up is an undeniable challenge every business will endure, but fret not now, here are five crucial tips that will help you scale up your business.  

1. Make content management more efficient

Most creatives will often have to use content as assets that can drive acquisition or your brand’s presence. It’s quintessential in modern day marketing. However production can be incredibly time consuming. You want to take a look at tools that are able to build a repository of collateral accessible at your fingertips. Take Epidemic Sound, a restriction free music tool providing you unlimited access to their catalog of music and sound effects that can be used for videos, streams and podcasts. If you’re using mediums such as YouTube, TikTok , podcasts, advertising or even social media, accessing listening rights can be a bit of a blocker. Consider tools like Epidemic Sound to ease the burden of content management as a quick fix! 

2. Customer relationships must be a priority

As your time shrinks, your customer experience must stay resolute. Don’t lose sight of the customers that make the conscious decision to purchase from you. Hearing their feedback, responding to enquiries and fostering an exceptional relationship solidifies loyalty. If your business has quite a demanding customer facing offering, invest in Customer Relationship Management tools, known as CRM. Tools such as Hubspot or Zendesk are excellent examples where you are able to track everything from email marketing, lead generation, data management and much more. Tools like this are viewed as a necessity by big businesses. Get ahead of the game. 

3. Review how you manage projects 

If you’re using a basic notes tool to manage all of the different facets of your business involved, then it’s time to consider scaling up your systems. It’s far too easy to operate in silo when starting small, but sharing information and data using a more holistic approach is a smart move. You want to prevent the chaos that might ensue. Tools such as Asana or Trello are excellent examples of tracking the progress of your work, not only for yourself, but if you start growing your team. 

4. Outsource! 

Now would be a good time to evaluate what kind of tasks are a necessity for yourself to do and what are the most taxing of tasks that can be delegated. Platforms such as Fiverr and Freelancer offer outsourcing opportunities from copywriting, to design, to coding to more than you could imagine. And you’re in charge of the rate. If the budget is tight, then it’s worth pursuing the biggest pain points. Investing can seem risky to some, but forfeiting your scalability by pursuing everything in-house will rack up far greater costs in the future. 

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