The Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Freelancers

It goes without saying that email marketing is an insanely effective way for most small businesses to build trust and invite potential customers to purchase products and services.

An email naturally has more of a chance of being seen than a social media post which sits among thousands of others. This results in higher engagement.

Unfortunately gaining growth gets harder year by year amidst growing traffic. Putting a “subscribe for updates” in your sidebar just isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Here are a few tips on how to grow your email list and make it as attractive as possible so people stay engaged.

Email marketing for creative freelancers

Propose an offer they can’t refuse 

A personal email is a gem and if you’re asking that person to do a favour, you need to provide something of value in return. This can be a discount to your services, an ebook, an invitation to a webinar, enrollment in an email course, access to a private newsletter etc. Your giveaway should solve a problem for the receiver – are you providing them with the content that they need? Are you helping them reach a younger demographic where they may have previously failed to? This service makes your offer compelling. 


Expose people to the offer 

It’s time to grab people’s attention but in a way that isn’t in-your-face nor that seems half-assed. Do you want to invest money in social media ads? Pop-ups in your website and social media platforms (if possible) are also a great way to attract people to your mailing list. 

Attract qualified people to your site  

As a freelancer, naturally, you want to attract the specific type of client who is going to be interested in what you have to say and thus want to hire you for upcoming projects. 
It’s worth having conversations with potential clients so that you know their pain points and the problems they are looking to have solved. Contact them via social media or LinkedIn, build those relationships and connections. 
You’ll also want to research your niche and thus see what solutions people are looking for – what are the buzzwords that everyone is incorporating? Find out and feature them on your site. 
It’s also super important to create content that takes customers along the journey in a manner that builds trust, delivers value, and moves them towards making a purchase.

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