3 key insights on the creator economy from SXSW 2023: TikTok takes centre stage, creator monetisation and AI innovations

What were the top three takeaways from the 2023 SXSW conference?

  1. TikTok was a major player at the conference, while other social media companies were largely quiet. TikTok hosted multiple panels and activations, including a shopping information session, and its party was a highlight of the event.
  2. Monetization was a major topic of conversation for creators, with pay transparency and diversifying income streams being key themes. Startups such as Kajabi and Spotter also pitched their products as solutions to help creators build sustainable businesses.
  3. AI was not as ubiquitous as expected, but it was still a prevalent topic at the conference. Panels and discussions covered topics such as AI tools for creators and AI’s impact on climate change.
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