Clients are often bombarded with offers, emails, invoices and more. If you want a new client, in particular, to respond to your message there are many ways you can stand out and thus hopefully increase the chances that they will respond. Here are 21;

  1. Invite them to a group webinar, periscope or conference call for a select few.
  2. Invite them to an event that you are hosting (webinar)
  3. Send them ‘a congratulations’ – this demonstrates your awareness of their brand’s antics
  4. Write an in-depth comment on their blog or video and/or DM it to them personally.
  5. Invite them to be interviewed on your blog, YouTube channel or podcast
  6. Ask them to contribute to a blog post, YouTube video or podcast.
  7. Send them your latest work or project that you’re proud of for free (could be a song link, a poster of your graphic design or styling work etc)
  8. @ them on FB, Instagram and Twitter and invite them to discuss.
  9. Connect with them on LinkedIn (find the right person to connect with first)
  10. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date
  11. Promote their company through social media and @ them.
  12. If you have merchandise, send them something
  13. Network in person – when you can, attend events where they will be attending
  14. Make sure your social media clearly communicates what your USP is. This way, when the client searches for you or if you @ them and they browse your profile – they know what you offer.
  15. Have strong, unforgettable visuals on your website.
  16. Start consulting. This positions you as an expert in your field. You could even consult for the client if the opportunity strikes.
  17. Attend networking events both in person and outline. Expanding your network is great for your online presence and the more likely a client is to have mutual connections with, the more likely they are to respond.
  18. Reach out to existing clients for referrals, build that repertoire and send it on to new clients when hoping for a response.
  19. Ask existing clients and past clients for reviews on your website and social media which will build your online credibility
  20. Offer your first day free or offer a free consultation depending on what services you offer.
  21. Partner up with an impressive and popular Freelance Agency. Your affiliation with this agency may just be what catches your client’s attention.

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