And you thought 2020 was intense! 2021 has put us all, as creatives, through trials and tribulations aplenty.

However, many have shined through the mud and the following product design campaigns bring joy and pleasure to a chaotic world that is rapidly changing. 

CALM X Spotify Curate Playlists to Support Mental Health Awareness

Spotify has created a list of playlists in partnership with CALM, podcast creators, CALM Ambassadors, and familiar faces from music and entertainment. Mental health sits centre stage in these playlists with the goal being to soothe, enlighten and infuse listeners with positive thinking to encourage a more conformatbel energy.

“At Spotify, we know first hand the power of audio to enhance mood, so it’s no surprise to us that this latest research shows people are looking to music and podcasts to aid their mental wellbeing. Listening has the ability to lift us up, make us laugh, bring our memories to life and help us feel connected with others. Through our partnership with CALM, we hope to help create further awareness about Mental Health Awareness Week and the incredible work CALM continues to do. We hope to play our role in encouraging more people to talk freely and openly about mental health, which has never been more important than it is right now” said Tom Connaughton, Spotify UK and Ireland Managing Director. 

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SNOG: A tongue-in-cheek (literally) rebrand for the female-led production company

San Francisco and London based design studio A Line has designed a new brand identity for Snog, a female-led production company. The identity includes a new logotype that symbolises a cheeky or passionate “snog”. 

Being a term unfamiliar to the US market, the new logotype also communicates the sense of passion and cheekiness without having to directly translate the word via a burning red tone and expanded O in the word in the shape of a pair of lips. 

There is also an element of chic to the new brand identity aligning Snog with the types of publications and clients it produces work for which include Vogue, Givenchy and Marvel, while capturing “the passion and meticulous detail that goes into every project”.

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UK was covered in Cake for Bake Off 

Themed around the tagline ‘Life’s looking sweeter’, the campaign turns lorries into Battenburg and features a 78ft high show-stopper bake on Argyle Street in Glasgow to celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off to our screens. 

The campaign consists of a series of installations, TV ads, and even digital cake-inspired weather reports. Digital screens in cities including Leeds, London, Glasgow and Manchester depict the local weather conditions in real time via reports that feature a Bake Off twist.

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“The essence of cinema”: Wieden+Kennedy rebrand CineCov 

After a year without cinema-going, CineCov is a refreshingly nostalgic event with over 150 pop-up screenings being set up all over the city. It launched this summer and takes place for 12 months in parks, churches, community centres and the likes. 

When it came to the branding, Justin Hallstron, senior designer at Wieden+Kennedy, took the lead. The studio’s funding commitment was motivated by its desire to establish CineCov as “a permanent fixture of Coventry’s cultural scene”. Central to the logo is the idea of movement, particularly, moving image. The circular shapes nod to lenses and the curved edges to projectors. The spacing between bold shapes means in practice they work as a device that can be used to reveal and frame content.

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