In a year spent mostly in our individual/support bubbles, these photographers have been provided some much-needed escapism in the form of fascinating portals into other lives.

Ivan Petkov

“I am a passionate photographer that loves to capture vibrant movement. Working along many famous brands such as Nike, McDonald’s and Primark, gave me the opportunity to bend my style and vision.” – Ivan Petkov

Joshua Bareham

“I am a visual artist using photography as my main medium. I studied conceptual photography and I am interested in breaching the gap between the commercial and art world. I specialise in beauty and cosmetic brands but have a wide array of products which I have previously shot and enjoy working with” – Joshua B

“I have worked with several clients such as Wallpaper*, Ishkar, Felt Paris, and Haeckles. I work closely with brands to develop a strong visual concept for new content on social media or visual campaigns.” – Joshua B

Joshua Malcolm

A young, passionate photographer from london who specialises in fashion and music photography. I have also applied my visionary skills to film and have directed music videos, short form shows and fashion films

My clients in fashion range from ralph and russo, fila to penn sport. In terms of music photography, I have worked with m huncho, nafe smallz, bugzy and stoneboy.i have shot Ayems latest music video and worked various artist in uk scene. @josh_snaps on insta

Sergiu Rotaru

“I have done creative photoshoots for different magazines. Also I am the winner of a fashion photography contest in my home country.” – Sergiu R

2014 – Graduate from Art and Design faculty 2016 – Fashion photography course, studio lighting. 2019 – Angry Business marketing course

Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Retouching, Color Editing.

Jasmine De Silva

“Hello! I am a London based photographer and filmmaker. I have an MA in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion, and have won awards for emerging talent in both photography and directing. I build creative concepts and am very hands on with the creative direction and build sets too. I have access to a team of incredibly talented stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists. My work has been published in multiple print magazines, landing 3 cover shoots.” – Jasmine

Over 10 years experience with photography and 3 years with film directing.

Ivan Weiss

“I create stunning headshots for actors, executives, storytellers and entrepreneurs. Your headshot means business.” – Ivan

Caique Silverio

“I photograph fashion and arts mostly. However I got good knowledge and creativity in most genres. I also work as adapted content creator for social media. Representation and equality is key. Visit my Website:” – Caique S

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