16 Tips on How Freelancers can Market Themselves on TikTok

The pandemic has soared TikTok’s success in the past eighteen months. During a time where socialising was restricted, TikTok created a shared space for self-expression, distraction, and connection when it mattered most. 

TikTok is a very unique online community and, well, a unique app all in all. Admired for an algorithm that puts people first, it is much easier to attract followers and go viral on TikTok than on other platforms which tend to promote businesses and corporate leads.

This is great news for independent freelancers looking to get a head start in attracting a cult audience for their art. 

Here are several pieces of advice for freelance entrepreneurs looking to gain traction on the world’s largest growing app

Tip 1

Pick a niche topic and then post consistently (ideally 5-7 times a week) at the times your followers are most active.

Top tip: using trending sounds and hashtags will get even more reach. If you see a trend doing well, think about how you can put a spin on it to make it specific to your niche and capitalize off the added boost in views for trending content.

Tip 2

If you’re new or new-ish, use TikTok for about 20 minutes a day. 

Tip 3

Get inspiration

When you find a video you like, press down on the video and click ‘add to favourites.’ Over time you’ll curate a collection of videos that inspire you and that you can replicate with your own unique spin. It will also help the algorithm get to know what genre of TikTok you aim to attract and create. 

Tip 4

Algorithms will like you better if you create original content for TikTok. It’s fine to repurpose other content occasionally but most of your content should be playing by TikTok’s rules, with their text, features and sounds.

Tip 5

Trends are your friends! The more you adopt them to your own style, the better.

Tip 6

Have a call to action at the end of most videos.

Whether it’s to follow you for more, comment with questions or click the link in bio. 

Tip 7

Make at least one TikTok a day for 90 days that stay on one thread or theme. If you are authentic and real, you will be more likely to find success.

Tip 8

Lighting is more important than any camera, angle, filter, or scene.

Tip 9

It’s worth getting a microphone as audio is more important than video on TikTok.

Tip 10

The TikTok community is close – your followers are your friends and if you’re not posting, they will feel ignored.

Tip 11

Hone in on one favourite idea which will help a small audience solve a common problem. This offers the chance to create authority and trusting space.

Tip 12

Spend 50% of your content jumping on trends and 50% being experimental.

Tip 13

Invest in-ring lights, a flexible tripod and a phone clip that attaches to the tripod and can hold your phone in portrait mode or landscape mode. This establishes high-quality content. 

Tip 14

Look at the ‘For You’ page for inspiration on catchy hooks and intros.

Tip 15

Stop making excuses or putting it on the backburner. Put yourself out there, test different pieces of content, and see what happens. In 6 months, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be grateful you started as the platform is still new for most brands.

Tip 16

Keep videos between 12-22 seconds. That’s the sweet spot where most videos see success!

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