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"Wishu is a great platform for creatives. Not only is it a source of work, it’s a resource and a community."

Ivan W.


"Ever since downloading the app it has made it very easy to connect with businesses in need of my talent. Very easy to use, the payment options are quick and efficient along with a smooth and easy to use interface. I would recommend to any freelancer trying to find clients!"


Christian T.

Graphic designer / Illustrator

"A perfect tool to promote your services as a creative that also offers great exposure. Wishu has become a recurrent source of income and is finally a community that offers you real work and great connections."

Eduard G.


“Had such a wonderful experience sourcing a freelancer! Didn't need to think twice before giving it a go - I was able to sort out my project so smoothly!”

Jonathan W.


"What's great is that the freelancers are so professional. They're patient and understanding. A happy space for everyone involved!"

Anna S.


"Wishu is everything I have been looking for as a freelancer. Not only is it a place for me to recieve and promote work, but it is also a place to communicate with like-minded people. The Wishu founders are genuinely interested in building our careers and it is such a privilege to be a part of this community. Thank you Wishu!"

Chloe R.

Hair & Makeup Artist

Frequently asked questions

At the moment you can only register as a freelancer on our iOS app. If you're on Android, send us a quick message to hello@wishu.io and we'll add you to our waiting list. We'll let you know when we've launched on Android. 🙏

You can either download our iOS app or register on our website as a client.

That's wonderful! We'd love to have you - please send us an email to hello@wishu.io and we'll take it from there.

We charge a 5% fee to clients.

We charge a 7% fee to freelancers. In total you'd receive 93% of a completed booking.

If you have any feedback or questions about Wishu, please send us an email to support@wishu.io

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