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Wishu Media is transforming the way professionals stay informed with engaging, easy-to-digest content. Across newsletters, events, and soon podcasts, we connect with over hundreds of thousands of readers, from startup founders to marketers and content creators.

Founded in 2018 by Lavena Xu-Johnson, Hubert Trinkunas, and James Xu-Johnson, Wishu Media is here to redefine the news landscape. Our flagship brands, including AI Odyssey, DTC Creator, Curious Creator, Tech Creator, and the Web3 Creator, provide invaluable insights across the Creator Economy, AI, Web3, Tech, and E-Commerce.

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Our brands

Tech Creator

Weekly insights for founders, HR, and execs on innovative management, workplace culture, and leadership strategies.

DTC Creator

Boost your marketing with our quick-read newsletter. Discover trends, tips, and strategies to elevate your e-commerce business.

AI Odyssey

Explore the future of AI in just 3 minutes! Perfect for founders, AI researchers, engineers, and data scientists shaping the industry.

Curious Creator

Stay ahead in the Creator Economy with our weekly digest. Get the latest trends, insights, and opportunities for digital and video creators.

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Our team

Hubert Trinkunas

Head of Sales and Marketing

Head of Growth at Wishu Media, leads strategic partnerships and boosts brand and revenue growth.

James Xu-Johnson

Managing Editor at Tech Creator

Co-Founder at Wishu Media, leads operations, client projects, and product development at Wishu Labs, blending expertise in software development, product growth & engineering.

Lavena Xu-Johnson

CEO & Managing Editor at AI Odyssey

CEO of Wishu Media, passionately promotes mental well-being, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Rosa Cecilia

Managing Editor at Curious Creator

Managing Editor at Curious Creator, expert in the creator economy and music industry, guiding content creators and brands through the latest industry trends.

Sam Johnson

Lead Designer

Lead Graphic Designer at Wishu Media and Wishu Labs.

Nikita Verma

Managing Editor at Web3 Creator

A web3 and AI content strategist specializing in technical and thought-leadership topics.

Anndy Lian

Web3 Advisor & Contributor at Web3 Creator

Anndy Lian is a notable figure in Asia’s blockchain sector, advising various organizations. As a serial entrepreneur, investor, and keynote speaker, he influences the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.